MTM Excel Workbook Sections 475, 1221, 1236, and 1256

Hi all,

I’ve been working on this excel workbook that walks one through the potential treatment under 475,1221,1236, and 1256.  Think of it as an active flowchart using hyperlinks.  Here’s a link to the file:

Workbook link

I believe that the way you get this to work for you is to click on the options in the upper right hand corner and choose to “edit in excel” and then it open it in your excel program. If you can’t get the link to work, you can put something in the comments or email me and I can email you the workbook.  Hopefully it’s self-explanatory but essentially you review the facts of the tab you are on and then choose the hyperlink of the fact that applies to your case.

I have tested this link myself and I do lose my “START” and “GO BACK” macros.  if you want a workbook with those macros, you might email me or put a note in the comments (at least until I figure out how to post a version where the macros work).

This is a free “beta” version of the sheet.  I’m testing this right now but also wondering if people would pay for the full version with annotations and notes as well as updates.   Something along the lines of an annual fee for the annotations as well as updates for the year.

Lastly, if I get any comment (other than style or grammar!) that leads me to correct an error or adds substance to the spreadsheet, you will of course get the full annotated version anyway.





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